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Please Donate to The Campaign for Immigration Reform

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The New York State Immigrant Action Fund keeps New Yorkers informed about immigrant issues. Moving into 2013, we have a greatly enhanced opportunity to press for humane immigration legislation. We need your help and financial support NOW to translate our concerns into political muscle.

The Immigrant Action Fund helps New Yorkers:
– understand immigration issues and make informed choices at the ballot box;
– follow the positions of national, state and local officials and candidates; and
– learn how to play a role in influencing policy at the national, state and local levels.

Please donate $5 (or more!) on our website. Use this donation button to contribute:


Like us? Why not “like” us on facebook?

Like us? Why not “like” us on facebook?

Meet us on facebook

The New York State Immigrant Action facebook page gives you full access to what we have to offer. Just click on “like” and we’ll send you weekly updates on new posts and new features, as well as chance for you to get involved in our web-based organizing for immigrant rights. We’ll let you know about forums and events we sponsor throughout New York State, as well as special alerts when important legislative votes are about to take place.

We’ll even let you see the secret handshake.

Donald Trump’s Immigration Meltdown Today

July 15, 2015

In his appearance on Morning Joe today Donald Trump had a mini-meldown when Mika Brezinski questioned him on immigration....
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Bobby Jindal “Tired of Hyphenated Americans”

July 1, 2015

Bobby Jindal opened his campaign for president this week with a half-million dollar ad buy in Iowa attacking immigrants....
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Trump Makes New Racist Statements About Latino “Rapists”

June 26, 2015

Two weeks ago, Donald Trump attacked Mexican immigrants as rapists. Now he is trying to excuse his racist statement...
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Bush and Rubio Confronted by Undocumented Immigrants

June 22, 2015

Last week was not a good one for Republican presidential candidates hoping to duck the immigration reform issue. On...
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Why Does Donald Trump Enable Hate Criminals?

June 19, 2015

At the beginning of this week, Donald Trump went on a presidential kick-off rant that the main-stream media characterized...
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