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Anti-Immigrant Endorsement Leads to Anti-Semitism Charge

October 18, 2010

William Gheen, head of ALIPAC, attracted national headlines last year when he accused South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham of backing immigration reform because he is a homosexual. Soon thereafter, Graham withdrew his support of immigration reform.

The acceptance of an endorsement from the anti-immigrant group ALIPAC by an Arizona Congressional candidate has set-off charges of neo-Nazi involvement in the race. According to Politico, Republican candidate Jesse Kelly was one of several dozen conservatives endorsed by ALIPAC. Unlike most such politicians, Kelly accepted the endorsement.

This has put Kelly in a difficult position because several months ago the campaign of John McCain, the Arizona Senator and former Republican standard bearer, denounced ALIPAC for being “backed by white supremacists, neo-Nazis and anti-Semites.”

A 2009 report by the Jewish civil rights group the ADL said of ALIPAC that “White supremacists and anti-Semites have promoted the group by engaging in activity on its behalf and posting links to ALIPAC’s Web site on their own Web sites and forum.”  Politico says that “The ADL names Stormfront, Vinlanders Social Club, and European Americans United — white supremacist groups — among ALIPAC supporters.”

Stormfront is the premier white supremacist site on the web.

You can take a look at Stormfront’s web site if you want to see if it is extremist or not for yourself.

In New York, Peter King is the only sitting Congressional Representative endorsed by ALIPAC. There is no indication that King sought the endorsement.

Westchester’s Jim Russell, whom I profiled a few weeks ago when his anti-Jewish “scholarly” research came to light, has also been endorsed by ALIPAC.

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