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NYSIAF’s Chung-Wha Hong on Gov. Cuomo’s New Language Access Policy

October 7, 2011

Gov. Cuomo signing state-wide language access policy. Chung Wha Hung is to the right of Cuomo. She is exective director of New York State Immigrant Action.

Chung-Wha Hong, executive director, the New York Immigration Coalition and New York State Immigrant Action, made the following statement yesterday hailing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new language access policy:

“We are so proud to be New Yorkers today! At a time when states like Alabama are coming undone with the most un-American, inhumane, and self-destructive policies against immigrants, Governor Cuomo wisely beats a different path. He demonstrates anew his commitment to government as a force for good, acknowledges that it is in the state’s interest to recognize immigrants as constituents crucial to the state’s economy and vitality, and acts to ensure full civil rights and equal access for all New Yorkers. The order is comprehensive in scope and lays out a concrete plan and timeline for implementation.

“With this language access order and his decision in June to oppose the federal Secure Communities program, Governor Cuomo bucks the trend, taking positive steps that can help reframe the national discourse on immigration.”

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