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Mike Grimm Votes to Take DACA Away from DREAMers

August 5, 2014
mike grimm indictment

Last week the House of Representatives passed a bill which would take away DACA from DREAMERs. HR 5272 was passed along highly partisan lines with only eleven Republicans voting against it. Only one New York City Congressional Representative voted to end DACA, Republican Michael Grimm of Staten Island. I called Congressman Grimm’s office to...
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House Republicans Vote to End DACA

August 1, 2014
DREAM elephant

In a disgraceful show of pandering to the far-right, House Republicans voted to end DACA for DREAMers. There is no chance that the ban on DACA will become law since the Senate will not pass the anti-immigrant bill, so this is just another way for the House Republicans to say they hate immigrants. Here...
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Long Islanders Rally for Executive Order on Immigration

August 1, 2014
francis madi

Long Island immigrants rallied in Westbury on Tuesday to call for an executive order from the president expanding DACA to include all immigrants who would have been protected by the immigration reform bill passed by the Senate last year. The rally in the central Nassau County village of Westbury attracted five dozen participants and...
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Non-Profits Need to Prepare for Executive Order

July 29, 2014
daca dreamers

We are very likely to see an executive order concerning immigration within the next 60 days. We do not know the scope of it, but we do know that it is coming. The day after the executive order is announced, the non-profits will be flooded with undocumented immigrants seeking advice and help in applying...
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White House Moving Ahead on Executive Action on Immigration

July 28, 2014
white house feat

The White House is moving ahead with plans to issue a major executive order on immigration by the end of the summer. Here is the Washington Post report: Officials signaled strongly Friday that Obama’s move would shield from deportation large numbers of immigrants living in the country illegally, as advocacy groups have demanded. Roughly...
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DACA Renewals Heat Up

July 26, 2014
daca brookings

Immigrants who received work permits under the DACA program are supposed to renew their work permits four to five months before they expire. The Brookings Institute has prepared a fascinating graph of when renweals of DACA should peak. Here it is, along with their explanation: In October 2012, the first month with a significant...
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Why Don’t Republicans Want to Follow the Immigration Laws?

July 10, 2014
unaccompanied minors

Republicans are often complaining about President Obama not following the immigration laws, but now that it suits them they are calling for him to ignore the law. With the influx of Central American children arriving at the southern border, many Tea Party Republicans are attacking Obama for not simply putting the kids on the...
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Full Transcript of Obama Speech on Immigration

July 1, 2014
obama june 30

Here is the full transcript of President Obama’s remarks yesterday on immigration: PRESIDENT OBAMA: Good afternoon, everybody. One year ago this month, senators of both parties — with support from the business community, labor, law enforcement, faith communities — came together to pass a common-sense immigration bill. Independent experts said that bill would strengthen...
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Scores Rally on Long Island for Immigration Reform

June 28, 2014

Long Islanders held one of the first rallies of today’s national day of action for immigration reform. Organizations from Nassau and Suffolk counties came together in Brentwood in the heart of Congressman Peter King’s district to protest the failure of Congress to pass the comprehensive immigration reform bill approved by Republicans and Democrats alike...
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June 28 Rally to Stop Separating Our Families

June 27, 2014
june 28

Call on President Obama to act now to halt mass deportations.
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