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Immigration on Table in Oval Office Meeting

February 26, 2014
oval office

President Obama made immigration reform a major focus of his meeting with John Boehner on Tuesday. The president has insisted that the Republican logjam on immigration legislation be broken, but nothing is likely to happen until after Republican Congressional primaries in June.
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Immigrants Say Congressman Grimm Doing Nothing for Immigration Reform

February 24, 2014
mike grimm

While Long Island Republican Peter King vowed to press John Boehner to bring immigration reform to a vote at a meeting on Friday night in Brentwood, Republican Mike Grimm of Brooklyn and Staten Island continues to be a no show in the immigration debate. Immigrants turned up the heat at his office over the...
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Anti-Immigrant Politician Hired Undocumented Workers

February 19, 2014
gop heck with reform

Dan Patrick is the Republican frontrunner for the governorship of Texas. He is strongly anti-immigrant, except when hiring employees: State Sen. Dan Patrick, who says Texas leaders must “stop the invasion” from Mexico, went along with a decision to hire at least four unauthorized immigrants as cooks and dishwashers at his sports bar in...
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Democrats Explore Forcing a Vote on Immigration Reform

February 17, 2014
capital night

With the Republican leadership in shutdown mode on immigration reform, Democrats are looking to try to have a discharge petition presented that will force a vote on immigration reform. Here is an explanation from the Boston Globe of how this would work: House Democrats are determined to cast an election-year spotlight on Republican opposition...
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NY Times Applauds de Blasio Plan for IDs for Undocumented

February 13, 2014
new york times

The New York Times greeted Bill de Blasio’s plan for identity cards for the undocumented as a step towards making New York more welcoming for immigrants: Creating a citywide identification card for people who can’t get driver’s licenses — unauthorized immigrants, mostly — sounds like a modest, well-meaning, good-government initiative that is part practical,...
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ImmReform Advocates Declare War on Republicans in House of Reps

February 12, 2014
alices tea party

For the last year, immigration reform advocates have tried to win over Republicans in Congress to support meaningful immigration reform. With John Boehner stalling reform yet again, the advocates have declared war and have said that the time to try to persuade Republicans is over. “Persuasion only goes so far, and now, with Speaker...
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Daily Show Mocks Boehner Cowardice on Immigration Reform

February 12, 2014
jon stewart

The Daily Show mocked the House Republican retreat on immigration reform last night. Jon Stewart hit the nail on head with clips showing that John Boehner is abandoning any pretense at policy making to cater to a racist base in his party.
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CNN Politicker Asks if Schumer Called Boehner’s Bluff on ImmReform

February 11, 2014

CNN’s political blog asked today if John Boehner’s explanation for his cowardly retreat on immigration reform has been exposed as a fraud by a clever offer from Chuck Schumer: When House Speaker John Boehner abruptly announced Thursday that he didn’t see a way forward on immigration reform this year, he said President Obama was...
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Schumer Says New ImmReform Could be Implemented After Obama

February 10, 2014
schumer gang of 8

Last week Republicans said that they were not going to pass immigration reform this year because they did not trust President Obama to implement it according to their restrictive wishes. Sen. Church Schumer responded over the weekend saying that he would be willing to delay implementation of legalization until after Obama leaves office in...
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Republican Right Trying to Undermine ImmReform

February 7, 2014
DREAM elephant

Several far-right Republicans have already begun trying to undermine even limited immigration reform. According to CBS News: “I think it’s a mistake for us to have an internal battle in the Republican Party this year about immigration reform,” Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, told reporters at a gathering of conservatives. “I think when we take...
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