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What Is Your Plan to Vote Tuesday?

November 3, 2014
vote love

Tuesday’s election will determine our representatives in Congress and in New York for the next two years. Your vote will help shape the future for issues like the DREAM Act, Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the level of resources for new or aspiring Americans. Opponents of immigration reform have a plan. They will vote to...
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Immigrant Action Getting Out the Vote for Domenic Recchia

November 3, 2014
Immigrant Action Getting Out the Vote for Domenic Recchia

On Friday, Immigrant Action’s Board President, May Chen, joined Domenic Recchia in Bensonhurst at a Chinese Senior Center to encourage everyone to vote. With only one day remaining before Tuesday’s election, we are working to get everyone to the polls! Immigrant Action has highlighted immigration issues in the southern Brooklyn and Staten Island district...
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DREAMers Protest Outside Sen. Jack Martins Campaign HQ

November 2, 2014
jack martins

Long Island DREAMers protested outside the campaign headquarters of Nassau State Senator Jack Martins to protest his vote against the New York DREAM Act earlier this year. They considered his vote a particular betrayal because the Mineola politician had repeatedly expressed sympathy for the DREAMers in the past. In spite of his kind words,...
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Mike Grimm Wants to Voter ID Immigrant Voters

October 30, 2014
mike grimm bad

With an upsurge in immigrant voter registration in his Staten Island/South Brooklyn Congressional District, Mike Grimm’s supporters are claiming that undocumented immigrants may be voting and Grimm himself is calling for Voter ID laws to be used against immigrants. According to the Staten Island Advance, Grimm told editors that; Overall, there should be safeguards....
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Immigrant Activists Disrupt Speech by Sen. Kay Hagan

October 29, 2014
Immigrants with signs reading "Friends Don't Deport Friends" walked onstage at a Kay Hagan rally.

North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan found her rally disrupted on Sunday by immigrant activists protesting her call that President Obama not issue an executive order on immigration. Hagan is among the most conservative Democrats in the Senate on immigration issues and in the past she has even voted against the DREAM Act. She also...
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Hempstead School Flyer Attacks Immigrant Children

October 28, 2014
Betty Cross flyer

Fliers for incumbent Hempstead School Board President Betty Cross have a distinctly anti-immigrant message-“Don’t let English become a second language in Hempstead. Hempstead has had a sudden influx of 1,558 students since the Crisis at the Border and it’s like we let them in — Enough is Enough!!!” The flyer also alleges that her...
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Hudson Valley Republican Terrance Murphy Attacks DREAMers

October 27, 2014

Republican Terrance Murphy is running a dirty anti-immigrant campaign to try to win the seat in the 40th Senate District being vacated by the equally anti-immigrant Greg Ball. He is going after his Democratic opponent Justin Wagner by attacking DREAMers. Murphy has repeatedly slammed Wagner for supporting the New York State DREAM Act. The...
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Mike Grimm Named one of the “Most Corrupt” Members of Congress

October 26, 2014
grimm convict

The watchdog organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) headed by Melanie Sloan has named Congressman Mike Grimm of Staten Island one of America’s most corrupt Congressmen. Although Grimm refused to help DREAMers get immigration reform, he did help a big donor with his immigration problems. Here is what CREW says about...
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Immigrant Action Endorses Dominic Recchia for Congress Against Mike Grimm

October 24, 2014
Immigrant Action supporters at press conference in Mike Grimm's District.

(Brooklyn, New York) – In an announcement this morning at John Paul Jones Park in Bay Ridge, overlooking the Verrazano Bridge, Immigrant Action, a 501(c)4 not for profit, endorsed Domenic Recchia for Congress in the 11th Congressional District which includes all of Staten Island and a section of Southern Brooklyn. Since the early months...
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The Disgraceful Problem With Congressman Mike Grimm

October 21, 2014
mike grimm indictment

When conservative Long Island Republican Peter King endorsed Comprehensive Immigration Reform early last year, all eyes turned to Staten Island’s Mike Grimm. Grimm was now the only Downstate Congressional Representative who had not done what his constituents wanted and come out for reform. In preliminary meetings with the Republican Congressman, he expressed sympathy with...
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