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Hempstead School Flyer Attacks Immigrant Children

October 28, 2014
Betty Cross flyer

Fliers for incumbent Hempstead School Board President Betty Cross have a distinctly anti-immigrant message-“Don’t let English become a second language in Hempstead. Hempstead has had a sudden influx of 1,558 students since the Crisis at the Border and it’s like we let them in — Enough is Enough!!!” The flyer also alleges that her...
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Hudson Valley Republican Terrance Murphy Attacks DREAMers

October 27, 2014

Republican Terrance Murphy is running a dirty anti-immigrant campaign to try to win the seat in the 40th Senate District being vacated by the equally anti-immigrant Greg Ball. He is going after his Democratic opponent Justin Wagner by attacking DREAMers. Murphy has repeatedly slammed Wagner for supporting the New York State DREAM Act. The...
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Mike Grimm Named one of the “Most Corrupt” Members of Congress

October 26, 2014
grimm convict

The watchdog organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) headed by Melanie Sloan has named Congressman Mike Grimm of Staten Island one of America’s most corrupt Congressmen. Although Grimm refused to help DREAMers get immigration reform, he did help a big donor with his immigration problems. Here is what CREW says about...
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Immigrant Action Endorses Dominic Recchia for Congress Against Mike Grimm

October 24, 2014
Immigrant Action supporters at press conference in Mike Grimm's District.

(Brooklyn, New York) – In an announcement this morning at John Paul Jones Park in Bay Ridge, overlooking the Verrazano Bridge, Immigrant Action, a 501(c)4 not for profit, endorsed Domenic Recchia for Congress in the 11th Congressional District which includes all of Staten Island and a section of Southern Brooklyn. Since the early months...
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The Disgraceful Problem With Congressman Mike Grimm

October 21, 2014
mike grimm indictment

When conservative Long Island Republican Peter King endorsed Comprehensive Immigration Reform early last year, all eyes turned to Staten Island’s Mike Grimm. Grimm was now the only Downstate Congressional Representative who had not done what his constituents wanted and come out for reform. In preliminary meetings with the Republican Congressman, he expressed sympathy with...
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Anti-Immigrant Group Spending $1 Million on TV Ads

October 15, 2014
numbers usa jobs

The anti-immigrant group NumbersUSA is spending $1 million on ads in states with tight Senate races. The ads establish immigrants as rivals taking American jobs away from U.S. citizens. Other ads tie immigrants to gang violence and blame Obama for inaugurating an “amnesty” which has led to the border being swamped with undocumented immigrants.
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Long Islanders Rally for Central American Children

October 9, 2014
Dozens of Long Islanders showed up at the Suffolk Legislature to support recently arrived Central American children.

A coalition of more than 30 Long Island immigrants, advocates and faith leaders held a press conference and rally to ask the Suffolk County legislature to promise to compassionately support and welcome the newly arrived children from Central America seeking safety in the U.S. They asked the legislators to support the work of members...
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Obama Again Promises Executive Action for Immigrants

October 7, 2014
Obama Again Promises Executive Action for Immigrants

Last week at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus President Obama reiterated his commitment to take Executive Action on behalf of immigrants. Obama was heckled by those protesting his delay in acting. Analysts are speculating that an announcement will come in early December. Here are Obama’s remarks: I’ve said before that if Congress failed to live...
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Suffolk Stops Honoring ICE Holds

October 6, 2014
ala police

Suffolk County’s Sheriff’s Office announced last month that it will no longer honor ICE holds in most cases. The ICE hold is a warrantless request by ICE to police and sheriff departments to detain immigrants that they come in contact with or detain for non-immigration reasons. Suffolk had been the largest source of deportations...
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Pentagon to Allow Limited Number of DREAMers to Join Military

September 27, 2014
daca military

DREAMers with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) will be able to join the military for the first time. Don’t get too excited though. DACA recipients will be able to participate in a program that allows 1,500 people who are neither U.S. Citizens nor Lawful Permanent Residents to enlist each year. The popular program...
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