Immigrant Action was founded in 2007 in order to make sure immigrants had a seat at the table of the national comprehensive immigration reform debate. From 2008 to 2015 the organization would activate at critical times for immigration policy and elections. In 2016, Immigrant Action endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in advance of the New York primary elections and a slate of other candidates for the September Primary and November General elections.

The New York State Immigrant Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) not for profit corporation. We are pioneering a new immigrant power-building concept by building a large base of dues-paying individual members who will be directly plugged into potent immigrant rights advocacy campaigns. Working with our sister 501(c)(3) organization, the New York Immigration Coalition, Immigrant Action will outreach to the over 175 nonprofit organizations serving immigrants in New York State.

In order to increase the political potency of the immigrant vote Immigrant Action endorses candidates and elected officials who stand up for immigrant communities and against anti-immigrant opponents. Immigrant Action engages in targeted advocacy on specific immigrant-related issues such as legislative scorecards, pointed advocacy flyers highlighting individual elected officials’ stances, and intensive grassroots and direct lobbying of elected officials.

Immigrant Action is a founding board member of Movement of Immigrants in America (Mia), a national 501(c)(4) membership organization.