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Our Mission

The New York State Immigrant Action is dedicated to the advancement of immigrant rights in New York.

The Action Fund is created to build and enhance the political power of individuals supporting immigrants and humane immigration policies.

It was formed exclusively for the purpose of promoting the rights and socio-economic well-being of immigrants and refugees in New York State.

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The New York State Immigrant Action facebook page gives you full access to what we have to offer. Just click on “like” and we’ll send you weekly updates on new posts and new features, as well as a chance for you to get involved in our web-based organizing for immigrant rights. We’ll let you know about forums and events we sponsor throughout New York State, as well as special alerts when important legislative votes are about to take place.

Latest News

Save Birthright Citizenship
Save Birthright Citizenship

Sign our new petition demanding that our elected officials speak out against the effort by conservatives to strip the children of undocumented immigrants of their citizenship. Since 1868, anyone born in the United States has been a U.S. citizen. Now, anti-immigrant...

Petition for Justice in Suffolk
Petition for Justice in Suffolk

Our friends at the Long Island Immigrant Alliance are asking that you sign a petition calling for meaningful reforms to address Suffolk County’s poor record on hate crimes. As I reported last week, Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy has repeatedly tried to derail the...

Introduction To New York State Immigrant Action

The New York State Immigrant Action 

web site aims to put the power to change our treatment of immigrants directly into your hands.  This site will give you the information and tools you need to make life better for immigrants in our state.

But while our organization may be in its infancy, it mobilizes the talent and knowledge of some of the most experienced immigrant analysts and activists in New York State.

The centerpiece of our new site is our Congressional Report Cards. We will soon have a report card for every member of the New York delegation in our nation’s capital. These report cards give you an immigration insider’s view of how your Senators and Congressperson are protecting and advancing immigrant rights. And we don’t hold back, either with praise or criticism.



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